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diff --git a/bin/wikitrans b/bin/wikitrans
index 09ba0b3..01c3f9c 100755
--- a/bin/wikitrans
+++ b/bin/wikitrans
@@ -102,13 +102,13 @@ def getwiki(url, options):
options.itype = 'wiktionary'
options.kwdict['text'] = text.text.encode()
def main():
usage = '%prog [OPTIONS] ARG'
- version = '%prog 1.2'
+ version = '%prog 1.3'
description = """Translates MediaWiki documents markup to various other formats.
If ARG looks like a URL, the wiki text to be converted will be downloaded
from that URL.
Otherwise, if --base-url is given, ARG is treated as the name of the page to
get from the WikiMedia istallation at that URL.
Otherwise, ARG is name of the file to read wiki material from.

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