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Build for both v3 and v4
* NEWS: Update version number. * Version 1.9.90 (VARNISHVERSION): New variable. (VARNISH3,VARNISH4): New conditionals. * src/ (nodist_libvmod_dbrw_la_SOURCES): New variable. (vmodtool,vmodtoolargs,vccfile): Define depending on Varnish version. (.vcc.vcc3): New rule (vcc_if.c vcc_if.h): Depend on $(vccfile) Don't distribute vcc_if.c and vcc_if.h. * src/vmod_dbrw.c: Provide data types and access macros depending on the version of Varnish.
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Please send vmod-dbrw bug reports to <>
-Version 1.0.91-vcl4, (git)
+Version 1.9.90, (git)
-Rewritten for Varnish v4.x
+Builds for both Varnish v3.x and v4.x
Version 1.0, 2013-07-20

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