path: root/src/err.h
AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFiles
2018-12-10Update copyright yearsHEADrelease-2.3masterSergey Poznyakoff1
2014-11-01Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff1
2013-10-18Minor improvement.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* src/err.h (error,packerror): Mark as printflike. * doc/binlogsel.1: Update.
2013-10-15Add version and help output to command line utilities.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2013-10-13* src/ New convenience library libbinlog.aSergey Poznyakoff1
* src/binlogcat.c: Use functions from libbinlog.a * src/err.h: New file. * src/err.c: New file. * tests/.gitignore: Add binpack.c * tests/ Build binpack.c * tests/binpack.c: New file.

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