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Vmod-binlog is a module for Varnish Cache. It provides support for
writing binary log files from VCL scripts.
A binary log file consists of an arbitrary number of equally sized
records. Each record contains a UNIX timestamp in binary form and
arbitrary user-defined data. Such files are convenient for storing
big amounts of information arriving at high rates.
The package provides the module itself and the utilities for listing
and searching in binary log files.
-The module was tested with Varnish versions 6.0.2 through 6.3.2.
+The module was tested with Varnish versions 6.0.2 through 6.4.0.
* Installation
In order to compile the package you need to have the varnishd and varnishapi
packages installed.
Supposing that condition is met, run:
It should be able to automatically find the necessary components. In case
it doesn't, tweak the configuration variables as necessary. The most

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