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* Installation
-In order to compile the package you need to have Varnish source tree.
-At least Varnish 3.0.1 is required. Varnish 4.0 is OK, too.
-Supposing that the varnish source tree is available under
-/usr/src/varnish-3.0.1, run:
+In order to compile the package you need to have the varnishd and varnishapi
+packages installed.
- ./configure --with-varnish-source=/usr/src/varnish-3.0.1
+Supposing that condition is met, run:
-The `--with-varnish-source' option is mandatory: it tells configure
-where Varnish sources reside.
+ ./configure
+It should be able to automatically find the necessary components. In case
+it doesn't, tweak the configuration variables as necessary. The most
+important one is PKG_CONFIG_PATH, which contains a path (in the UNIX sense)
+where the .pc files are located. It should contain a directory where the
+'varnishapi.pc' file lives. Example usage:
+ ./configure PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/varnish/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH
+Please read the file INSTALL for a detailed discussion of available variables
+and command line options.
Once configured, do
This will build the module. After this step you can optionally run
'make test' to test the package.
Finally, run the following command as root:
make install
This package contains the 'magic' file for the file(1) utility - doc/magic.

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