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@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
.\" This file is part of Varnish-mib -*- nroff -*-
-.\" Copyright (C) 2014-2016 Sergey Poznyakoff
+.\" Copyright (C) 2014-2018 Sergey Poznyakoff
@@ -15,5 +15,5 @@
.\" along with Varnish-mib. If not, see <>.
-.TH VARNISH-MIB 8 "February 2, 2018" "varnish-mib"
+.TH VARNISH-MIB 8 "February 5, 2018" "varnish-mib"
-varnish\-mib \- net-snmp module for obtaining Varnish Cache statistics
+varnish\-mib \- Net-SNMP module for Varnish Cache monitoring
@@ -29,13 +29,39 @@ loaded into
as shown above (actual path can of course differ, depending on how
-the package was configured). The module is written for Varnish
-version \fB5.\fIX\fR.
+the package was configured). This version is written for Varnish
-The module obtains most of the data using Varnish API, and \fBvarnishd\fR
-administrative interface. You should make sure that \fBsnmpd\fR is
-able to access both data sources.
+The values in the OID branches
+.BR client ,
+.BR total ,
+.BR master ,
+.BR session ,
+.BR threads ", and "
+.B objects
+are obtained from Varnish API.
-The user \fBsnmpd\fR runs as should be able to read contents of the
-\fB/var/lib/varnish/\fIHOSTNAME\fB/_.vsm_mgt\fR directory and read
-files located in it. It must also have read permission on the varnish
-secret file.
+The OID branches
+.BR backend ,
+.BR bans ", and "
+.B vcl
+are obtained using \fBvarnishd\fR administrative interface (similar
+.BR varnishadm (8)).
+To retrieve this information, the module must
+have enough permissions to scan the Varnish management directory and
+read files located in it. This directory is normally named
+\fB/var/lib/varnish/\fIHOSTNAME\fB/_.vsm_mgt\fR, where \fIHOSTNAME\fR
+stands for the server's hostname. Unless
+.BR snmpd (8)
+is run as root, special measures should be undertaken in order to
+grant access rights. For example, if the daemon runs as user
+\fBsnmp\fR, running the following two commands after starting
+\fBvarnishd\fR will do the trick:
+ setfacl -m u:snmp:rx /var/lib/varnish/$(hostname)/_.vsm_mgt
+ setfacl -m u:snmp:r /var/lib/varnish/$(hostname)/_.vsm_mgt/*
@@ -45,3 +71,3 @@ must appear in the
.B snmpd.conf
-file below the
+file, after the
.B dlmod
@@ -66,4 +92,4 @@ Default is 5 seconds.
-The following two statements are not normally needed, since
-\fBvarnish-mib\fR obtains this information automatically.
+The following two statements are not normally needed, but are
+provided for completeness sake:
@@ -74,3 +100,3 @@ socket.
\fBvarnishCLISecretFile\fR \fIFILE\fR
-Pathname of the Varnish secret file.
+Sets the pathname of the Varnish secret file.
@@ -79,9 +105,9 @@ The module defines the following debugging tokens:
.B varnish_mib
-General debugging information.
+Produces general debugging information.
.B varnish_mib:ban
-Debug ban table loading.
+Outputs verbose report about loading th ban table.
.B varnish_mib:vcli
+Displays additional information regarding varnish
@@ -90,8 +116,10 @@ interaction.
.B varnish_mib:vcli:transcript
-Enables full transcript of CLI interaction.
+Enables full transcript of varnish CLI session.
.B varnish_mib:backend
-Debug loading the backend information.
+Outputs verbose information about loading the backend information.
-The following OIDs are defined:
+The following OIDs are defined in the
.SS Branch \(dqclient\(dq
@@ -124,5 +152,5 @@ to invalidate caches of all \fBpng\fR images:
-snmpset \fBhostname\fR VARNISH\-MIB::clientBan.0 s 'req.url ~ \(dq\\.png$\(dq'
+snmpset \fIhostname\fR VARNISH\-MIB::clientBan.0 s 'req.url ~ \(dq\\.png$\(dq'
.SS Branch \(dqbackend\(dq
@@ -260,3 +288,4 @@ Number of sessions closed.
.B sessPipeline
-Session pipeline. This variable is available only in Varnish version \fR4.0\fR.
+This OID was used in Varnish \fR4.1\fR, but disappeared from version
@@ -275,4 +304,4 @@ Number of session accept failures.
.B sessPipeOverflow
-Number of session pipe overflows. This variable is available only in
-Varnish version \fR4.0\fR.
+This OID was used in Varnish \fR4.1\fR, but disappeared in version
.SS Branch \(dqthreads\(dq
@@ -369,3 +398,3 @@ seconds. It can be configured in the \fBsnmpd.conf\fR file
.SS Branch \(dqagent\(dq
-The \fBagent\fR branch is reserved for OIDs for
+The \fBagent\fR branch is reserved for
implementation-specific management. It is not used currently.

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