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Support for Varnish 4.1
* NEWS: Update. * bootstrap: Rewrite as a Perl script; create m4/varnish_mib.m4 from src/varnish_mib.mib2c * Version 1.1.90 Use AC_CHECK_VSC_C_MAIN_MEMBERS Define VARNISHAPI_MAJOR, VARNISHAPI_MINOR and VARNISHAPI_PATCH for use in preprocessor directives. * src/betab.c [VARNISHAPI_MINOR] (VSC_POINT_FMT): Define depending on Varnish API minor version. * src/varnish_mib.mib2c (varnish_translate_table): New variable. It is used both by varnish_translate in this module, and by bootstrap to produce a list of macros checking for members of struct VSC_C_main. Output preprocessor conditionals in right places. * src/vcli.c (vcli_connect): Fix cc warnings. * src/varnish-mib.8: Update.
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