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Introduce formats in preprocessor variables.
* Version 1.9.90 * NEWS: Likewise. * etc/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add logfilter.awk uptmpl.sed * etc/logfilter.awk: New file * etc/uptmpl.sed: New file * etc/tagr.tmpl: Update * etc/upgrade.awk: Add copyleft header * gnulib.modules: Add fprintftime. * src/graph.c (rate_unit): Change to "Bytes per Second". (number_suffix, number_suffix_count): Move to grid.c * src/html.gram.y: Work with formats. * src/html.lex.l: Likewise. * src/output.c (update_output): Store NOW as a number and provide a formatting function for it. * src/tagr.h (union value, value_format_fn): New types. (pp_value_t): New members: fmt, format (add_numeric_value, add_string_value): Change return type. (init_value): New proto.
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