Smap provides a comprehensive set of tools for configuring, testing and writing socket maps -- a mechanism for extending the functionality of Sendmail and MeTA1.

Its main component, smapd, is a modular server which handles socket map requests. Instead of doing searches for each request, it relies on loadable modules to provide the requested functionality. In other words, the server is responsible for handling socket map protocol, and for dispatching queries to appropriate modules. Modules, in their turn, are responsible for looking up the requested key and returning the result.

Another important part of the package is a set of loadable modules for smapd. These modules cover several important database management systems and make it possible to easily configure servers for retrieving data from them.

The package provides also API for writing new modules, either in C or in Guile.

Finally, Smap includes a client program, smapc, which can be used to query arbitrary socket servers from the command line.

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