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2013-05-05doc: update TODO a bitAndy Shevchenko1
2008-06-02Update TODO. Remove etc/rankfile - the manual should be enough.Andy Shevchenko1
2007-09-02Variable for homepage of the project was added.Zeus Panchenko1
2007-01-13Split our tag writting to separate function.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-12-24RenRotFileNameOriginal tag related bug report added to TODO.Zeus Panchenko1
2006-10-19minor fix of TODOAndy Shevchenko1
2006-10-12TODO edited on account of plugins.Zeus Panchenko1
2006-10-09Modify TODO according to 2006 visitor wishes.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-09-05Remove --color. Add 'use color' to configuration file.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-09-03TODO edited concerning the help.Zeus Panchenko1
2006-08-10--include-file option implementation task written to TODO file.Zeus Panchenko1
2006-07-13TODO cleanup.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-07-05Release as 0.21.1.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-07-05Implement --backup option.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-21TODO edited (%n,%e & virtual renaming)Zeus Panchenko1
2006-06-12Check for directory tree in aggregation arguments. Now it isn't possible.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-04Added INSTALLATION ON PDA section to README.Windows (still theoretical).Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-01TODO is cleaned up.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-29Release as 0.20rc3.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-26TODO cleanup.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-21Write more explanation of Orientation tag rotation in README and manual.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-19Change URL tag in spec file.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-18Deprecate --aggr-dir (use --aggr-directory instead).Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-14Check if we have files to process is added.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-10Renaming several internal variables.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-10TODO edited.Zeus Panchenko1
2006-05-10trailing spaces filtered.Zeus Panchenko1
2006-05-09so called "delta" aggregation mode had been added.Zeus Panchenko1
2006-05-08implemented work with separate files via --files and -- options.Zeus Panchenko1
2006-05-06names and versions of the programs used to process the file now is written to...Zeus Panchenko1
2006-05-06Expand TODO semantics.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-06TODO modify.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-06bug fixed, when --no-rename requested it was rewriting XMP tags, now it'd fixed.Zeus Panchenko1
2006-05-06Minor changes of documentation. Removing trailing spaces.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-06*** empty log message ***Zeus Panchenko1
2006-05-05TODO item addedZeus Panchenko1
2006-05-02*** empty log message ***Zeus Panchenko1
2006-05-02item about aggregation is added to TODO.Zeus Panchenko1
2006-05-01Fix many typos (found by aspell).Andy Shevchenko1
2006-04-30README is tailoded, WHY section is added.Zeus Panchenko1
2006-04-30Fix stylistic typos and add some explanations of project naming to README.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-04-30Expand documentation accordingly to last code changes (template ideology,Andy Shevchenko1
2006-04-23Release 0.15.1.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-04-19code for file names caching for the directory was reingenered, to avoid theZeus Panchenko1
2006-04-19TODO is addedZeus Panchenko1

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