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2006-10-09News was tailored.git-RENROT_STABLEAndy Shevchenko1
2006-10-06Release as 0.25Andy Shevchenko1
2006-09-02Release as 0.24.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-08-22The colorization for output has been implemented, the options --use-color andAndy Shevchenko1
2006-08-19Release as 0.23.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-08-19Add original file name counter template sequence "%C" and the base part of th...Andy Shevchenko1
2006-07-16Release as 0.22.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-07-05Release as 0.21.1.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-12Release as 0.21.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-09Fix unusing included files.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-08Release as 0.21rc3.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-08Corrected according to freshmeat team's edition.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-08Release as 0.21rc2.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-05Fix spelling.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-04Implemented new tag parser and option style.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-03Removed trailing spaces.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-01Freshmeat corrections.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-01Release as 0.20.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-30Remove deprecated code.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-29Release as 0.20rc3.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-28Implement start and step counter values (options --counter-start and --counte...Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-27Release as 0.20rc2 (documentation fix).Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-25Fix NEWS spelling according to FreshMeat announce.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-24Release as 0.20rc1.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-21Write more explanation of Orientation tag rotation in README and manual.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-21Release as 0.19.3 (bugfix).Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-20No empty --extension argument.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-19Change URL tag in spec file.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-18NEWS - user friendly change log is added.Andy Shevchenko1

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