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2012-07-28fileutil: split several functions to Image::RenRot::FileUtilAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-28timeutil: split few functions to TimeUtil moduleAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-28config: move configuration framework to Image::RenRot::ConfigAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-28logging: move logging to separate moduleAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-28util, rpm: move several functions to Image::RenRot::UtilAndy Shevchenko1
2008-08-17Append sample files.Andy Shevchenko1
2008-06-01Remove generated file META.ymlAndy Shevchenko1
2007-09-05MANIFEST changedZeus Panchenko1
2007-09-01renrot: fix help summary and manual style, fix English,Zeus Panchenko1
2006-10-09sync with 0.25Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-08Implement include configuration directive.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-18NEWS - user friendly change log is added.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-17Missed file in MANIFEST.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-05-01Fix many typos (found by aspell).Andy Shevchenko1
2006-04-26README for windows users. Linguistiq fix for README.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-04-19WHAT IS IT? and GETTING sections were added to README.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-04-18Added missed file to MANIFEST.Andy Shevchenko1
2005-11-19Append new files to MANIFEST.Andy Shevchenko1
2005-10-16Switch to Getopt::Long module.Andy Shevchenko1
2005-10-16Added special Perl MANIFEST file.Andy Shevchenko1

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