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2006-10-09News was tailored.git-RENROT_STABLEAndy Shevchenko2
2006-10-06Release as 0.25Andy Shevchenko5
2006-10-06Move main() to the end of file. Refactoring: configOptions -> cfgOpts.Andy Shevchenko7
2006-09-02Release as 0.24.Andy Shevchenko6
2006-09-02Optimize hash parser.Andy Shevchenko3
2006-08-22The colorization for output has been implemented, the options --use-color andAndy Shevchenko6
2006-08-19Add rpm Makefile tag.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-08-19Release as 0.23.Andy Shevchenko5
2006-08-19Now Win32 platform is considered in parseConfig(), the variable USERPROFILE i...Andy Shevchenko3
2006-08-19Add original file name counter template sequence "%C" and the base part of th...Andy Shevchenko5
2006-07-16This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branchZeus Panchenko0
2006-07-16Release as 0.22.Andy Shevchenko5
2006-07-16Remove fatal case when keywords file isn't exist.Andy Shevchenko2
2006-07-13Tags initialization moved from tagWriter() to the renRotProcess().Zeus Panchenko3
2006-07-13TODO cleanup.Andy Shevchenko3
2006-07-13option --keywords-replace is added.Zeus Panchenko2
2006-07-13Bugfix, tag Keywords was accumulated in the loop rather than written once.Zeus Panchenko2
2006-07-10Use 'keywords file' in configuration for the default keywords source.Andy Shevchenko2
2006-07-08Optimize keywordizer code. Should be checked.Andy Shevchenko2
2006-07-07keywordizer() added, managed via CLI and config fileZeus Panchenko3
2006-07-05Release as 0.21.1.Andy Shevchenko6
2006-07-05Implement --backup option.Andy Shevchenko4
2006-06-26%n and %e template patters've being implemented.Zeus Panchenko2
2006-06-21TODO edited (%n,%e & virtual renaming)Zeus Panchenko2
2006-06-19Put new filename before counter.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-19online documentation (option -h) tailored.Zeus Panchenko2
2006-06-14in renameFile(), $newname look changed on opposite in case of it's existance.Zeus Panchenko2
2006-06-12Release as 0.21.Andy Shevchenko5
2006-06-12Check for directory tree in aggregation arguments. Now it isn't possible.Andy Shevchenko3
2006-06-11Use $dryRun in the rotateOrient(), renameFile(), mtimeSet(), and tagWriter().Andy Shevchenko2
2006-06-10tag GPSAltitudeRef added to etc/tags.confZeus Panchenko2
2006-06-09Put C<> for "Yes" and "No" choices in manual.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-09config -> configuration.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-09Add the one-letter aliases to --name-template, --aggr-template, and --tag opt...Andy Shevchenko3
2006-06-09Release as 0.21rc4.Andy Shevchenko3
2006-06-09Fix unusing included files.Andy Shevchenko3
2006-06-09TagFile config option added to the POD.Zeus Panchenko2
2006-06-08Release as 0.21rc3.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-08Fix configuration file parser (parsed data wasn't used).Andy Shevchenko4
2006-06-08Fix documentation according to new configuration files location.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-08Information concerning the perl 5.8.7 and 5.8.8 behaviour on FreeBSD 6, while...Zeus Panchenko3
2006-06-08Corrected according to freshmeat team's edition.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-08Bump tarball version.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-08Release as 0.21rc2.Andy Shevchenko3
2006-06-08Release as 0.21rc2.Andy Shevchenko3
2006-06-08Implement include configuration directive.Andy Shevchenko7
2006-06-07relocate configuration to /etc/renrot/.Andy Shevchenko5
2006-06-07Minor fixes. Add TagFile sample in tail of rc.Andy Shevchenko1
2006-06-06Bug in aggregateFile() fixed (when symlinkk existed it was dieing).Zeus Panchenko2
2006-06-06Use getFileData() in rotateThumb().Andy Shevchenko3

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