AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2013-06-08version valu correctedHEADmasterZeus Panchenko2
2013-06-05doc: update NEWSAndy Shevchenko1
2013-05-05doc: update TODO a bitAndy Shevchenko1
2013-05-05doc: fix spelling in the commentsAndy Shevchenko1
2013-05-05doc: rename local variable in usage()Andy Shevchenko1
2013-05-05logging: move die_renrot() to Logging moduleAndy Shevchenko2
2013-05-05logging: reduce amount of parametersAndy Shevchenko2
2012-07-29fileutil: introduce splitext() to get base and extension of filenameAndy Shevchenko2
2012-07-29aggr: use File::Basename to get base name of the fileAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-28doc: split long option list by frameworksAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-28doc: update CONFIG section and Copyright yearAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-28doc: update usage() to cover few more casesAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-28doc: use perldoc for quick helpAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-28fileutil: split several functions to Image::RenRot::FileUtilAndy Shevchenko3
2012-07-28timeutil: split few functions to TimeUtil moduleAndy Shevchenko3
2012-07-28config: move configuration framework to Image::RenRot::ConfigAndy Shevchenko3
2012-07-28logging: move logging to separate moduleAndy Shevchenko3
2012-07-28util, rpm: move several functions to Image::RenRot::UtilAndy Shevchenko4
2012-07-21doc: using spaces instead of tabs in the help messageAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-15rpm: amend the specfile a bitAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-15rpm: sync specfile from FedoraAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-15cli: introduce new parser to make life easierAndy Shevchenko1
2012-07-15Fix 'dry run' modeAndy Shevchenko2
2012-03-24remove deprecated 'defined' keywordAndy Shevchenko1
2012-03-24check for modules before use themAndy Shevchenko1
2012-03-24append Enable and Disable to boolConv recognized valuesAndy Shevchenko1
2012-03-24fix bug in trim_value()Andy Shevchenko1
2012-03-24avoid dummy variablesAndy Shevchenko1
2012-03-24Minor spelling fix in the commentAndy Shevchenko1
2012-03-24update AUTHORS fileAndy Shevchenko1
2012-03-24don't panic if the used version is from Git repoAndy Shevchenko1
2010-03-14The option --keywordize was renamed to --keywordsAndy Shevchenko3
2010-02-06boolConverter() now works with untrimmed valuesAndy Shevchenko1
2008-11-12Release 1.1.0.Andy Shevchenko3
2008-11-12Sync with r578:585Andy Shevchenko2
2008-10-05Release 1.1Andy Shevchenko3
2008-10-05Merge r566,575,576 to trunk.Andy Shevchenko1
2008-09-151.1rc3Andy Shevchenko3
2008-09-15Merge r566:571 from Andy's repo to trunkAndy Shevchenko2
2008-09-12makeDir() rewritten to use File::Path module, to implement recursive mkdirZeus Panchenko1
2008-09-04Real update to 1.1rc2Andy Shevchenko3
2008-09-03Merge 553:559 from Andy's branch.Andy Shevchenko1
2008-08-241.1 Release Candidat 1Andy Shevchenko3
2008-08-24Remove --gen-thm option (use fullname).Andy Shevchenko1
2008-08-20Remove --no-ren-rot-tag-mtm CLI optionAndy Shevchenko1
2008-08-20Add srpm target to the Makefile to produse source RPM packages.Andy Shevchenko1
2008-08-17Fix --no-tags description in the POD.Andy Shevchenko1
2008-08-17Update FILES section in the POD.Andy Shevchenko1
2008-08-17Append sample files themself.Andy Shevchenko2
2008-08-17Append sample files.Andy Shevchenko2

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