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Update the grecs submodule
* (GRECS_SETUP): Request the tree-api * grecs: Pull a0c096190f * lib/envop.c (environ_set): Call wordsplit_free unconditionally. * lib/grecsasrt.c (assert_grecs_value_type) (assert_scalar_stmt): Remove. (conf_callback_url): Switch to tree-api. * lib/grecsasrt.h: Likewise. * src/acl.c: Rewrite grecs callbacks in the tree API style. Use grecs assertions. * src/acl.h: Likewise. * src/meta1parse.c: Likewise. * src/pies.c: Likewise. * src/piesctl.c: Likewise. * src/comp.c (component_finish): Check whether the "command" statement was used.
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