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Fix cyclic dependecy detection and reporting.HEADmaster
Use modified Floyd-Warshall algorithm for cyclic dependecy detection. The computed next vertex indices are used when reporting the cycles found. This fixes dead loops that occurred in earlier versions when trying to report cycles. One of inputs that caused such behavior is used as a new test in * src/depmap.c: Rewrite using modified Floyd-Warshall algorithm. (depmap_cycle_detect,depmap_path_free): New functions. * src/comp.c (report_cyclic_dependency): Take struct depmap_path * as argument. (component_build_depmap): Use depmap_cycle_detect to detect cyclic dependencies. (depmap_dump): Special handling for zero-sized depmap. * tests/ Add new test. * src/pies.h (depmap_dim, depmap_free) (depmap_cycle_detect,depmap_path_free): New protos. * NEWS: Document changes.
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