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authorSergey Poznyakoff <>2016-01-08 13:31:17 (GMT)
committer Sergey Poznyakoff <>2016-01-08 14:17:35 (GMT)
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parent3325fed2895f079486b88c65409c73153fec306f (diff)
Uniformly use grecs memory management functions.
* gnulib.modules: Remove unneded modules. * ident/ident.h: Remove xalloc.h, include errno.h * ident/ident.c: Use standard allocation functions instead of x* * ident/pam.c: Remove. * ident/provider.c: Remove. * ident/system.c: Remove. * src/meta.c: Remove. * src/ Remove meta.c * src/progman.c: Use grecs_* allocation functions instead of x*. (notify): Use wordsplit to expand variables within message. Rename variables: program-name to program_name; canonical-program-name to canonical_program_name. * doc/pies.texi: Update. * src/depmap.c: Use grecs_* allocation functions instead of x*. (depmap_end): New function. * src/diag.c (logmsg_vprintf): Use grecs_txtacc instead of obstack. * src/pies.h (depmap_end): New proto. Remove unused includes. * src/acl.c: Use grecs_* allocation functions instead of x*. * src/ctl.c: Likewise. * src/inetd.c: Likewise. * src/limits.c: Likewise. * src/meta1gram.y: Likewise. * src/meta1lex.l: Likewise. * src/pies.c: Likewise. * src/socket.c: Likewise. * src/sysvinit.c: Likewise. * src/userprivs.c: Likewise.
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/doc/pies.texi b/doc/pies.texi
index 46e1b91..7ad5008 100644
--- a/doc/pies.texi
+++ b/doc/pies.texi
@@ -1681,8 +1681,8 @@ The table below lists all available variables and their expansions:
@caption{Notification Variables}
@multitable @columnfractions 0.5 0.5
@headitem Variable @tab Expansion
-@item canonical-program-name @tab @samp{pies}
-@item program-name @tab Program name of the @command{pies} binary.
+@item canonical_program_name @tab @samp{pies}
+@item program_name @tab Program name of the @command{pies} binary.
@item package @tab Package name (@samp{Pies}).
@item instance @tab Instance name (@pxref{instances}).
@item version @tab Package version (@value{VERSION}).
@@ -1712,7 +1712,7 @@ message is used instead:
From: <>
-X-Agent: $@{canonical-program-name@} ($@{package@} $@{version@})
+X-Agent: $@{canonical_program_name@} ($@{package@} $@{version@})
Subject: Component $@{component@} $@{termination@} $@{retcode@}.
@end smallexample
@@ -2299,7 +2299,7 @@ return-code (EX_USAGE, EX_CONFIG) @{
notify "root";
message <<- EOT
From: Pies <>
- X-Agent: $@{canonical-program-name@} ($@{package@} $@{version@})
+ X-Agent: $@{canonical_program_name@} ($@{package@} $@{version@})
Subject: Component $@{component@} disabled.
Component "$@{component@}" has terminated with code $@{retcode@},
@@ -2307,7 +2307,7 @@ return-code (EX_USAGE, EX_CONFIG) @{
I will not restart it automatically. Please fix its configuration
and restart it manually at your earliest convenience.
- To restart, run ``$@{program-name@} -R $@{component@}''
+ To restart, run ``$@{program_name@} -R $@{component@}''

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