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@@ -429,24 +429,26 @@ All messages with ordinal numbers between @var{n} and @var{m}, inclusive.
@item :@var{t}
All messages of type @var{t}, where @var{t} can be any of:
@table @samp
@item d
Deleted messages.
-@item :n
+@item n
New messages.
-@item :o
+@item o
Old messages (any message not in state @samp{read} or @samp{new}).
-@item :r
+@item r
Messages in state @samp{read}.
-@item :u
+@item u
Messages in state @samp{unread}.
-@item :t
+@item t
Selects all tagged messages.
-@item :T
+@item T
Selects all untagged messages.
+@item s
+Selects all messages in state @samp{saved}.
@end table
@item [@var{header}:]/@var{string}[/]
Header match.
Selects all messages that contain header field @var{header} matching

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