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pop3d: implement TLS in inetd mode
New global configuration statement "tls-mode" configures the TLS for use in inetd mode. The certificate and key files are configured by the global "tls" compound statement. Example configuration (pop3s server): mode inetd; tls-mode connection; tls { ssl-key-file /etc/ssl/key.pem; ssl-certificate-file /etc/ssl/cert.pem; } In daemon mode, global "tls-mode" sets the type of TLS encryption to use in all server blocks that lack the "tls-mode" statement. * pop3d/cmd.c (global_tls_mode) (global_conf_status): New globals. (stls_server_check): New function. (stls_preflight): Use stls_server_check. * pop3d/pop3d.c (pop3d_cfg_param): New global statement: tls-mode (main): Set up TLS connection in inetd mode, if requested. * pop3d/pop3d.h (global_tls_mode): New global. (stls_server_check): New proto. * NEWS: Document changes. * doc/texinfo/programs/pop3d.texi: Likewise.
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