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@@ -747,6 +747,24 @@ them as of functions in programming languages. Currently the following
expressions are implemented:
@table @code
+@item dbmap @var{file} @var{atom}
+ @var{file} should be a literal string, @var{atom} an arbitrary
+atom which evaluates to a valid string. This conditional returns
+@code{true} if the key @var{atom} is present in the @acronym{DBM} file
+@var{file}. If @var{atom} contains a @samp{@@} character, only the
+part before this character will be used, thus allowing to check emails
+against the aliases database:
+if not dbmap "/etc/mail/aliases" $f
+ @dots{}
+@end group
+@end smallexample
+Notice that @var{file} must not end in @samp{.db} suffix.
@item hostname @var{atom}
@cindex @code{hostname}
@var{atom} should be a string representing an IP address in

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