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(MAILUTILS_LIBS): Require auth
* src/ (mailfromd_SOURCES): Add func.c
* src/gram.y: Implement functions, function calls and new
- conditional `validuser'
+ conditionals `validuser' and `dbmap'
* src/lex.l: Likewise
* src/mailfrom.h (FUNCTION,LOCUS): New types.
(node_type): New types node_type_funcall and node_type_validuser
(parse_error_locus): New function
(function_lookup,function_install): New function
+ (node_type): New type node_type_dbmap
+ (struct dbmap_node): New data type
+ (struct node): New member `map'.
* src/main.c: Use enum instead of defines for long option codes.
New options: --dump-grammar-trace, --dump-lex-trace and

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