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Implementation of DKIM signingHEADmaster
* Detect presence of nettle libraries. * src/ Add new sources. * src/dkim-canonicalize.c: New file. * src/dkim.c: New file. * src/dkim.h: New file. * src/builtin/ Add new sources. * src/builtin/ (current_message): Rewrite as a simple wrapper over bi_get_current_message. * src/builtin/ New file. * src/builtin/ (bi_get_current_message): Optionally return the message itself. * src/builtin/msg.h (bi_get_current_message(: Change signature. * src/builtin/snarf.m4 (env_get_stream): Fix quoting. * NEWS: Document changes. * doc/functions.texi: Document the dkim_sign function * doc/mailfromd.texi: Minor changes.
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