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committer Sergey Poznyakoff <>2011-01-08 16:46:12 (GMT)
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parent028b820e468880abe113193dd79b31ccc17b0068 (diff)
sa,clamav: bugfixes.
* lib/server.c (mf_server_check_pidfile): Use mu_program_name. * src/builtin/ Major cleanup. (set_xscript): Do not switch to MU_XSCRIPT_PAYLOAD at once. (spamd_send_stream): New function. (spamd_connect): Do not unreference transport streams. (open_connection): Use _aget to obtain path. (sa,clamav): Rewind message stream; use spamd_send_stream to send it. * src/builtin/ (build_mime): Reposition the stream to its beginning.
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