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Implement loop statement
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Version 3.1.91, SVN
+* next and pass
+Use `pass' instead of `next'.
+The `next' keyword has changed its semantics: it is now used to
+resume the next iteration of the enclosing loop statement (see
+For compatibility with the previous versions, its use outside of a
+loop statement is still allowed, but a warning is issued. You are
+enouraged to replace all occurrances of `next' in your confifuration
+scripts with `pass'.
+* Loop
+The loop statement is implemented. Its syntax is:
+loop [name]
+ [for <stmt>,] [while <stmt>,] [<stmt>]
+ ...
+done [while <stmt>]
+* break and next
+The `break' statement exits from the enclosing loop.
+The `next' statement resumes the next iteration of the enclosing loop
+Both statements take an optional argument specifying the identifier
+(name) of the loop to break from (or continue), this allows to build
+complex iterations consisting of nested loops. For example, in this
+code (line numbers added for clarity):
+ 1 loop outer for set i 1, while %i < %N
+ 2 do
+ 3 ...
+ 4 loop for set j 1, while %j < %i
+ 5 do
+ 6 if foo(%j)
+ 7 break outer
+ 8 fi
+ 9 done
+10 done
+11 accept
+if the call to `foo' in line 6 returns true, the control is immediately passed
+to `accept' in line 11.
* Resizable stack
The runtime stack of the MFL grows automatically as the need arises.

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