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Fix the test suite. The file status.mfh now contains m4 statements,
yet the test suite uses --no-preproc files, so we have to use an already preprocessed version of that file. * tests/ (MFOPTS): Add -I@abs_builddir@ * tests/ (status.mfh): New rule. (check_local): Depend on status.mfh (clean-local): Remove status.mfh * NEWS: Raise version number. git-svn-id: file:///svnroot/mailfromd/branches/release_4_3_patches@1629 7a8a7f39-df28-0410-adc6-e0d955640f24
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-Mailfromd NEWS -- history of user-visible changes. 2008-03-01
+Mailfromd NEWS -- history of user-visible changes. 2008-03-09
Copyright (C) 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Sergey Poznyakoff
See the end of file for copying conditions.
Please send mailfromd bug reports to <>
+Version 4.3.90 (SVN)
Version 4.3.1, 2008-03-01
* Fix program evaluator bug that manifested itself on machines where

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