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Implement `#pragma regex push|pop'
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Version 3.1.91, SVN
+* #pragma regex stack
+The `#pragma regex' statement can keep a stack of regex flags. The
+stack is maintained using `push' and `pop' commands. The statement
+ #pragma regex push [options]
+saves current regex flags on stack and then optionally modifies them
+as requested by options.
+The statement
+ #pragma regex pop [options]
+does the reverse: restores the current regex flags from the top of
+stack and applies [options] to it.
+This statement is useful in include files to avoid disturbing user
+regex settings. E.g.:
+ #pragma regex push +extended +icase
+ .
+ .
+ .
+ #pragma regex pop
* Optional arguments in user-defined functions
User-defined functions can take optional arguments. In declaration,

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