AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2020-02-01removed automatically changing file from repositoryHEADmasterProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann1
2020-01-31finished section 1 - behaviour of firstline and includerangemarker ...ax006ho1
2020-01-31cleared the behaviour of firstnumber and includerangemarker in the documentationax006ho1
2020-01-31Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-01-31added test from K. Berryax006ho1
2020-01-31last changes before removing the .el fileax006ho1
2020-01-31removed some nital settings, added a lot of testcasesax006ho1
2020-01-31added luatex support, added support of all languagesax006ho1
2020-01-31changed internal format due to new evolution versionax006ho1
2020-01-30Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Dr. Jobst Hoffmann1
2020-01-30description of (non-)consecutive numbering of rangesProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann1
2020-01-29added commenting text for the final(?) solutionv1.8dax006ho1
2020-01-29the final(?) solution to different vertical spaces by egregProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann1
2020-01-29reworked all examples, added documentationProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann6
2020-01-29merged all files into oneProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann4
2020-01-29unified numbering testsProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann2
2020-01-29Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Dr. Jobst Hoffmann16
2020-01-29added more file extensions to be ignoredax006ho1
2020-01-29added another file extension to be ignoredax006ho1
2020-01-29problems with list of lstingsax006ho1
2020-01-29missing \lstget analogon to \lstsetax006ho2
2020-01-29problem with blank lineax006ho4
2020-01-29problem with "-" character in pathax006ho1
2020-01-29problem with "-" character in pathax006ho2
2020-01-29Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2020-01-29examples from Listings line numbers t...ax006ho6
2019-09-12added new test casesProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann1
2019-09-12adapted to the new Makefile.commonProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann5
2019-09-12removed, now using the Makefile.common from the main directoryProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann1
2019-09-12testing line breaking for long source code linesProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann1
2019-09-12added announcement of v1.8c and several improvements according to P. Ruebe-Pu...Prof. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann2
2019-09-12removed lstdrvrs.ins from rule as it is automatically generated ...Prof. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann2
2019-09-11more text about the use of \lstlistingnamestylelstlistingnamestyleProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann1
2019-09-10introduced v1.8c with \lstlistingnamestylev1.8cProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann3
2019-09-09corrected and completed the credits, corrected typoProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann1
2019-05-06enhanced testsax006ho1
2019-04-15added keywords to the \hypersetup commandax006ho2
2019-04-15creating ltxdoc.cfg from listings.dtxax006ho1
2019-04-15now setting up ltxdoc.cfg for every formatting runax006ho1
2019-04-15solved someconflictsax006ho2
2019-04-15Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-04-15changed .pdf files accordinglyax006ho2
2019-04-15enhanced the documentationax006ho1
2019-04-15on the way to a more efficient way of processing lstlang?.styax006ho2
2019-02-28added v1.8b .pdf files to the repositoryax006ho2
2019-02-28stepped version to 1.8b andax006ho3
2019-02-28added Version 1.8 contentsax006ho1
2019-02-28corrected rm command for removing ltxdic.cfgax006ho1
2019-02-27corrected two issues mentioned by the Debian bug trackerorigin/tags/v1.8bax006ho1
2019-02-27updated hansl to the latest requirements of the developersorigin/tags/v1.8aax006ho5

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