AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
9 dayscorrected and completed the credits, corrected typoHEADmasterProf. Dr. Jobst Hoffmann1
2019-05-06enhanced testsax006ho1
2019-04-15added keywords to the \hypersetup commandax006ho2
2019-04-15creating ltxdoc.cfg from listings.dtxax006ho1
2019-04-15now setting up ltxdoc.cfg for every formatting runax006ho1
2019-04-15solved someconflictsax006ho2
2019-04-15Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-04-15changed .pdf files accordinglyax006ho2
2019-04-15enhanced the documentationax006ho1
2019-04-15on the way to a more efficient way of processing lstlang?.styax006ho2
2019-02-28added v1.8b .pdf files to the repositoryax006ho2
2019-02-28stepped version to 1.8b andax006ho3
2019-02-28added Version 1.8 contentsax006ho1
2019-02-28corrected rm command for removing ltxdic.cfgax006ho1
2019-02-27corrected two issues mentioned by the Debian bug trackerorigin/tags/v1.8bax006ho1
2019-02-27updated hansl to the latest requirements of the developersorigin/tags/v1.8aax006ho5
2019-02-27Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-02-19corrected some glitches, made the super Makefile inputpath awareax006ho5
2019-02-19added documentationinputpathax006ho1
2019-02-19more tests, even incorporated into the Makefileax006ho3
2019-02-19testing the reimplementationax006ho1
2019-02-18preparing the next versionax006ho4
2019-02-18added local group for local setting of inputpathax006ho1
2019-02-18corrected implementation of \lst@inputpathax006ho1
2019-02-18activated more examples/test casesax006ho1
2019-02-18added section for descrioption of all key, corrected implementation of inputpathax006ho2
2019-02-17Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2019-02-17added .sty file to be testedax006ho1
2019-02-17first tests for -inputpathorigin/tags/v1.8ax006ho2
2018-12-03added another example concerning paragraphsax006ho2
2018-11-19explicitly excluding automatically generated filesax006ho1
2018-11-19now using a special listings.cfg fileax006ho1
2018-11-19removed not more needed .svnignore files/linksax006ho11
2018-11-19added tests concerning experimental featuresax006ho13
2018-11-19added another example sent to F. Mittelbachax006ho2
2018-11-18added alternative configuration fileax006ho2
2018-11-18added testcases concerning Mathematicaax006ho6
2018-11-18replaced files by links, .svnignore isn't needed anymoreax006ho3
2018-11-18rewrote the Makefile for testingax006ho1
2018-11-18added examples showing the behaviour of the columns optionax006ho4
2018-11-09added tests concerning extendedcharsax006ho5
2018-11-07added tests concerning \paragraphax006ho5
2018-11-06corrected indentationax006ho1
2018-11-06extended test by separating casesax006ho1
2018-11-06corrected error (spurious empty line at the top of listing) ...origin/tags/v1.7aax006ho1
2018-11-06new definition for hansl keywords, added preferences for hanslax006ho1
2018-11-06added *-devel files for distributionax006ho1
2018-11-06extended the set of testsax006ho6
2018-11-05reorganized hansl tests, added a new testax006ho5
2018-11-04added new procedureax006ho1

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