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Apply --broken-8bit-charset only to frames in 8-bit encoding.
* src/frametab.gperf (decode_qv): Passe frame as the 2nd argument to field_to_string. (text_decode): Likewise. * src/idest.h (idest_ucs4_cvt): Remove. (field_to_string): Change the type of the 2nd argument. * src/idop.c (frame_encoding_is_8bit) (frame_is_genre): New auxiliary functions. (idest_ucs4_cvt): Take frame as the 2nd argument. Do recoding only if the frame's encoding in 8-bit. (add_stringlist): Take frame instead of the isgenre boolean; pass it to idest_ucs4_cvt. All uses changed. (field_to_string): Take frame as the 2nd argument. All uses changed. (fixup_charset): Merge with collect_text_frames.
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