BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jasonOutput a friendly warning if a plugin cannot be loadedJason Harrison3 years
masteradd ai plugin to extra/Svetlana Tkachenko2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2018-02-08add ai plugin to extra/HEADmasterSvetlana Tkachenko3
2018-02-08add a man pageSvetlana Tkachenko4
2018-02-07merge docs into READMESvetlana Tkachenko2
2018-02-07merge docs into READMESvetlana Tkachenko5
2017-02-13Updates copyright headers in and irc.pySvetlana Tkachenko2
2017-02-13Calclate chunks by bytes and not only string lengthSvetlana Tkachenko1
2017-02-13Make message chunk code repeat lessSvetlana Tkachenko1
2017-02-13close #3Jason Harrison1
2017-02-13fixed #1Jason Harrison2
2017-02-12keep casing consistentJason Harrison1

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