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cvs/mksnapshot Create snapshot tarballs from the user's CVS repository
cvs/sv_logger Redirect stdin to syslog.
cvs/sv_sync_www Synchronize a single CVS directory with its WWW directory.
-cvs/sv_sync_www_schedule Schedule a CVS to WWW sync job
-cvs/sv_sync_www_flush Flush all pending CVS to WWW sync jobs
+cvs/sv_sync_www_schedule Schedule a CVS to WWW sync job.
+cvs/sv_sync_www_flush Flush all pending CVS to WWW sync jobs.
+cvs/sv_www_loginfo Update CVSROOT/loginfo files.
firewall/firewall.m4 M4 wrappers for setting firewalls
firewall/sample.m4 Sample /etc/firewall/rules.m4 file

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