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@@ -8,10 +8,14 @@ rc.d/rc.inet1 A replacement for slackware rc.inet1 startup script
rc.d/rc.autofs Automounter setup script
rc.d/rc.ntpd Ntpd setup script
rc.d/rc.local Local startup script
+rc.d/rc.firewall Firewall setup script. Uses firewall/* (see below)
Scripts for various other services:
+firewall/firewall.m4 M4 wrappers for setting firewalls
+firewall/sample.m4 Sample /etc/firewall/rules.m4 file
ppp/start-ppp Dial-up connection startup script
ppp/pppscript.m4 Script file for start-ppp
ppp/login Supply login credentials for start-ppp
@@ -22,3 +26,4 @@ consoleconf/ A tool for fast switching of console fonts and
keyboard mappings for GNU/Linux. See
consoleconf/README for more info.
+cvs/mksnapshot Create snapshot tarballs from the user's CVS repository

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