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2011-05-08Write README files.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2011-05-08Various fixes.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* .gitignore: Add gitid.h * Build gitid.h. * am/grecs.m4: Remove GRECS_VEROK_AT. * build-aux/getopt.m4 (print_version_hook): New variable. (print_version): Call print_version_hook, if defined. * src/ (INCLUDES): Update. * src/grecs.h (grecs_version_info) <id>: New member. * src/version.c (grecs_version): Initialize id. * tests/ Remove GRECS_VEROK_AT. * tests/ Likewise.
2011-05-07Support standalone compilation.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* AUTHORS, COPYING, NEWS, README: New files. * .gitignore: Update. * am/.gitignore: New file. * build-aux/.gitignore: New file. * build-aux/ylwrap: Remove. * Define ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS [GRECS_CHANGELOG]: Build ChangeLog. * am/grecs.m4: Define GRECS_CHANGELOG and GRECS_SRCDIR. Fixup first argument, if it is [.]. * New file. * src/ (include_HEADERS): Add wordsplit.h. Install libgrecs.m4. * (noinst_HEADERS): Add wordsplit.h. * src/ Likewise. * src/ (GRECS_SRC): Remove wordsplit.h (noinst_HEADERS): Add yygrecs.h (YLWRAP): Remove. * src/libgrecs.m4: New file. * src/yygrecs.h: New file. * src/grecs-gram.y: Include yygrecs.h. * src/grecs-lex.l: Likewise. * src/preproc.c (yy_grecs_flex_debug): Rename to grecs_yy_flex_debug.
2011-05-04Improve docs. Add an option to create installable distribution.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2011-05-03Various impovements.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* am/grecs.m4 (GRECS_SETUP): New flags: getopt and git2chg. * src/format.c (grecs_format_locus): Ignore NULL loci. (grecs_format_node_ident): Rename to grecs_format_node_path. Change semantics of the second argument. (grecs_format_value): Change signature (take flags). Correctly quote string values. * src/grecs.h: Protect the contents with #ifndef _GRECS_H. (GRECS_AGGR): New flag (for future use). (grecs_node) <prev>: New member. (grecs_format_value): Change signature. (grecs_format_node_ident): Rename to grecs_format_node_path. (GRECS_NODE_FLAG_PATH,GRECS_NODE_FLAG_VALUE) (GRECS_NODE_FLAG_QUOTE,GRECS_NODE_FLAG_QUOTE_HEX) (GRECS_NODE_FLAG_DEFAULT): New flags. (grecs_node_from_path): New proto. * src/lookup.c (grecs_node_from_path): New function. * src/tree.c (grecs_node_bind): Keep track of node->prev.
2011-05-03Switch to the two-layer model. Add testsuite.Sergey Poznyakoff1
The configuration file parser creates a syntax tree. This step does not require any knowledge about which keywords are allowed. The user can then either use that tree directly, or post-process it using parser tables. The latter approach is equivalent to previous versions of grecs.
2009-02-15Rewrite configuration parser, drop dependency on GSCSergey Poznyakoff1
* bootstrap: Replaced with a modified version from gnulib. * Bump version to 1.9.90 (--without-preprocessor): New option Require Mailutils 2.0 (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Remove lib, add gconf * gconf/: New directory. Contains general-purpose configuration file parser, distilled from Dico and Mailutils. * src/ (wydawca_SOURCES): Add interval.c * src/pp-setup, src/update-2.0.awk: New files. * src/config.c: Full rewrite. * src/exec.c (start_prog): Use getdtablesize unconditionally. * src/mail.c: Keep templates in a hash table. Template references begin with a single @ * src/process.c, src/triplet.c, src/verify.c: Reflect changes to struct directory_pair * src/wydawca.c: Change configuration parsing. * src/wydawca.h (enum access_method_id): New constants (struct directory_pair): Replace four access methods with an array. * (SUBDIRS): Remove lib, add gconf * .gitignore, NEWS, doc/.gitignore, src/.gitignore

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