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diff --git a/include/wordsplit.h b/include/wordsplit.h
index d8cd461..8726cf1 100644
--- a/include/wordsplit.h
+++ b/include/wordsplit.h
@@ -36,13 +36,13 @@ struct wordsplit
size_t ws_wordc; /* [Output] Number of words in ws_wordv. */
char **ws_wordv; /* [Output] Array of parsed out words. */
size_t ws_offs; /* [Input] (WRDSF_DOOFFS) Number of initial
elements in ws_wordv to fill with NULLs. */
size_t ws_wordn; /* Number of elements ws_wordv can accomodate. */
int ws_flags; /* [Input] Flags passed to wordsplit. */
- int ws_options; /* [Input] (WRDSF_PATHEXPAND)
+ int ws_options; /* [Input] (WRDSF_OPTIONS)
Additional options. */
const char *ws_delim; /* [Input] (WRDSF_DELIM) Word delimiters. */
const char *ws_comment; /* [Input] (WRDSF_COMMENT) Comment characters. */
const char *ws_escape[2]; /* [Input] (WRDSF_ESCAPE) Characters to be escaped
with backslash. */
void (*ws_alloc_die) (wordsplit_t *wsp);

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