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authorSergey Poznyakoff <>2019-05-14 12:31:59 (GMT)
committer Sergey Poznyakoff <>2019-05-14 12:43:25 (GMT)
commit8652a500669059d77ce7bace6e9e9da1b30c54b0 (patch) (side-by-side diff)
tree54ee082e3804c0574e67252be8fbceb48b8f156a /include
parent65f41a742e025487f8ec7f2e7ca2a3af3283fc96 (diff)
wordsplit: rewrite positional parameters implementation
This improves 3e07e3ad * include/wordsplit.h (ws_paramv,ws_paramc) (ws_parambuf,ws_paramidx,ws_paramsiz): New fields. (WRDSO_PARAMV,WRDSO_PARAM_NEGIDX): New options. (WRDSE_BADPARAM): New error code. (wordsplit_free_parambuf): New proto. * src/wordsplit.c (wordsplit_init): Initialize new fields. (wsplt_assign_var): Fix double-free and memory leak. (expvar): Expand positional parameters. (begin_var_p): Add '#' (wordsplit_free_envbuf): Fix condition. (wordsplit_free_parambuf): New function. (wordsplit_free): Call wordsplit_free_parambuf. (_wordsplit_errstr): New error description. * tests/ Update wsp invocations. Test positional parameters. * tests/wsp.c: Rewrite.
Diffstat (limited to 'include') (more/less context) (ignore whitespace changes)
1 files changed, 19 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/include/wordsplit.h b/include/wordsplit.h
index a175275..d7eb26f 100644
--- a/include/wordsplit.h
+++ b/include/wordsplit.h
@@ -72,12 +72,22 @@ struct wordsplit
moved to ws_envbuf first, and the ws_envbuf address is assigned
to ws_env. From this moment on, all variable expansions are served
from ws_envbuf. */
char **ws_envbuf; /* Storage for variables */
size_t ws_envidx; /* Index of first free slot */
size_t ws_envsiz; /* Size of the ws_envbuf array */
+ char const **ws_paramv; /* [WRDSO_PARAMV] User-supplied positional
+ parameters */
+ size_t ws_paramc; /* Number of positional parameters */
+ /* Temporary storage for parameters. Works similarly to ws_enbuf.
+ */
+ char **ws_parambuf;
+ size_t ws_paramidx;
+ size_t ws_paramsiz;
int (*ws_getvar) (char **ret, const char *var, size_t len, void *clos);
/* [Input] (WRDSF_GETVAR, !WRDSF_NOVAR) Looks up
the name VAR (LEN bytes long) in the table of
variables and if found returns in memory
location pointed to by RET the value of that
@@ -96,13 +106,13 @@ struct wordsplit
location pointed to by RET the expansion of
the command CMD (LEN bytes long). On input,
ARGV contains CMD split out to words.
See ws_getvar for a discussion of possible
return values. */
const char *ws_input; /* Input string (the S argument to wordsplit. */
size_t ws_len; /* Length of ws_input. */
size_t ws_endp; /* Points past the last processed byte in
ws_input. */
int ws_errno; /* [Output] Error code, if an error occurred. */
char *ws_usererr; /* Points to textual description of
@@ -223,12 +233,18 @@ struct wordsplit
(e.g. ${VAR:-foo bar}) */
#define WRDSO_NOVARSPLIT 0x00001000
/* Don't split commands, even containing whitespace, e.g.
$(echo foo bar) */
#define WRDSO_NOCMDSPLIT 0x00002000
+/* Enable positional parameters */
+#define WRDSO_PARAMV 0x00004000
+/* Enable negative positional indices (${-1} is the last positional
+ parameter) */
+#define WRDSO_PARAM_NEGIDX 0x00008000
/* Indices into ws_escape */
#define WRDSX_WORD 0
@@ -247,18 +263,20 @@ struct wordsplit
#define WRDSE_CBRACE 4
#define WRDSE_UNDEF 5
#define WRDSE_PAREN 7
+#define WRDSE_BADPARAM 10
int wordsplit (const char *s, wordsplit_t *ws, int flags);
int wordsplit_len (const char *s, size_t len, wordsplit_t *ws, int flags);
void wordsplit_free (wordsplit_t *ws);
void wordsplit_free_words (wordsplit_t *ws);
void wordsplit_free_envbuf (wordsplit_t *ws);
+void wordsplit_free_parambuf (struct wordsplit *ws);
int wordsplit_get_words (wordsplit_t *ws, size_t *wordc, char ***wordv);
static inline void wordsplit_getwords (wordsplit_t *ws, size_t *wordc, char ***wordv)
__attribute__ ((deprecated));
static inline void

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