AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
23 hoursunistd: stddef.h and sys/types.h namespace cleanupHEADmasterPaul Eggert2
26 hoursmaintainer-makefile: restore portability to non-GNU awksAkim Demaille2
43 hoursDocument setvbuf _IOLBF problemPaul Eggert2
43 hoursDocument lseek SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLEPaul Eggert2
2 daysautoupdateKarl Berry1
2 daysautoupdateKarl Berry1
3 daysargmatch: put all the docs member last.Akim Demaille4
4 daysargmatch: add support to generate the usage messageAkim Demaille7
4 daysthrd: Add comment.Bruno Haible2
4 daysthreads-h: Define 'thread_local' if and only if it actually works.Bruno Haible1
4 daysthreads-h: Small doc correction.Bruno Haible1
4 daysthreads-h: Define 'thread_local' if and only it actually works.Bruno Haible8
5 daysthreads-h: Simplify link dependencies.Bruno Haible7
5 daysthreads-h: Fix link error on FreeBSD 11.Bruno Haible2
5 daysthreadlib: Fix typo (regression from today).Bruno Haible2
5 dayswindows-thread, windows-tls: Fix compilation error on 32-bit mingw.Bruno Haible3
5 daysautoudpateKarl Berry2
5 daystss tests: Small improvement.Bruno Haible2
6 daysthreads: New module.Bruno Haible2
6 daystss: Add tests.Bruno Haible3
6 dayscnd: Add tests.Bruno Haible3
6 daysmtx: Add tests.Bruno Haible4
6 daysthrd: Add tests.Bruno Haible4
6 daystss: New module.Bruno Haible7
6 dayscnd: New module.Bruno Haible9
6 daysmtx: New module.Bruno Haible10
6 daysthrd: New module.Bruno Haible12
6 daysthreads-h: Add tests.Bruno Haible5
6 daysthreads-h: New module.Bruno Haible7
6 dayswindows-thread: New module.Bruno Haible7
6 dayswindows-tls: New module.Bruno Haible6
6 dayswindows-cond: New module.Bruno Haible7
6 dayswindows-timedrecmutex: New module.Bruno Haible4
6 dayswindows-timedmutex: New module.Bruno Haible4
6 dayswindows-recmutex: New module.Bruno Haible7
6 dayswindows-mutex: New module.Bruno Haible9
6 dayswindows-once: New module.Bruno Haible7
6 dayslock, cond: Avoid possible counter wraparound on Windows.Bruno Haible3
6 dayscond: Make glthread_cond_timedwait more reliable on Windows.Bruno Haible2
6 dayspthread_mutex_timedlock: New module.Bruno Haible8
6 daysthread, lock, cond, tls: Recognize C11 multithreaded applications.Bruno Haible6
6 daystls tests: Small improvements.Bruno Haible3
6 dayscond tests: Simplify.Bruno Haible2
6 dayslock tests: Avoid reference to undefined variable if !ENABLE_LOCKING.Bruno Haible2
6 daysnanosleep: Relicense under LGPLv2+.Bruno Haible2
6 daysReorder pieces of header in perl scripts.Bruno Haible6
7 daysverify-tests: work around xlc bugPaul Eggert2
9 daysRestore Emacs time-stamp hook applicability.Bruno Haible6
10 daysFix comments in last commit.Bruno Haible6
10 daysFix scripts to have valid executable format on Alpine Linux.Bruno Haible7

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