AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
36 hoursmanywarnings: modernize documentationHEADmasterPaul Eggert2
47 hourssysexits: Fix for Haiku.Bruno Haible3
2 daysmbrtowc: Allow locking optimization independently of 'unlocked-io'.Bruno Haible3
2 daysregex: Allow locking optimization independently of 'unlocked-io'.Bruno Haible3
2 daysexclude: Allow stdio optimization independently of 'unlocked-io'.Bruno Haible4
2 daysreadutmp: Optimize stdio accesses.Bruno Haible3
2 daysmountlist: Optimize stdio accesses.Bruno Haible3
2 daysgetusershell: Optimize stdio accesses when possible.Bruno Haible4
2 daysunlocked-io-internal: New module.Bruno Haible5
2 daysposixtm: Remove unused includes.Bruno Haible2
2 daysdynarray: Add tests.Bruno Haible3
2 daysdynarray: Make the module usable on its own.Bruno Haible3
2 daysscratch_buffer: Add comment.Bruno Haible2
3 daysparse-datetime2: fix licensingPaul Eggert2
3 daysfree-posix: Update documentation.Bruno Haible2
3 daysdoc: Update for glibc 2.33.Bruno Haible14
4 daysstddef: Generalize tcc workaround to other compilers.Bruno Haible3
5 daysstdalign: port to tcc + glibcPaul Eggert3
5 daysasyncsafe-spin, simple-atomic: Add support for tcc/x86.Bruno Haible3
6 daysasyncsafe-spin, simple-atomic: Add support for tcc.Bruno Haible3
6 daysstddef: Work around an interoperability problem of tcc with glibc.Bruno Haible3
6 daysmbrtowc: port to AIX 7.1 with xlc 12.1Paul Eggert2
8 days* modules/parse-datetime2: New file.Paul Eggert2
8 daysunlocked-io: do not redefine getc_unlocked etc.Paul Eggert3
8 daysparse-datetime2: new modulePaul Eggert3
10 daysstring-buffer: Fixes.Bruno Haible3
12 daysgitlog-to-changelog: output SHA in "empty commit message" warningBernhard Voelker2
13 daysglob: include libc-config.h only if neededPaul Eggert2
13 daysglob: include libc-config.h in a more-standard wayPaul Eggert2
13 daysautoupdateKarl Berry1
2021-02-21string-buffer: Add tests.Bruno Haible3
2021-02-21string-buffer: New module.Bruno Haible5
2021-02-21scratch_buffer: Document the exported API.Bruno Haible2
2021-02-21DEPENDENCIES: Update.Bruno Haible2
2021-02-20parse-datetime: Fix comment.Bruno Haible2
2021-02-17passfd: Fix test failure on FreeBSD >= 12 and NetBSD in 64-bit mode.Bruno Haible2
2021-02-16Port better to macOS MojavePaul Eggert8
2021-02-16linked-list test: Add test for SIGNAL_SAFE_LIST. (It currently fails.)Bruno Haible4
2021-02-15simple-atomic: Add tests.Bruno Haible3
2021-02-15simple-atomic: New module.Bruno Haible4
2021-02-15Fix distinction of 32-bit/64-bit mode with xlc 13.1.3 on AIX.Bruno Haible4
2021-02-15Correct placement of last ChangeLog entry.Bruno Haible1
2021-02-13lib-symbol-visibility: Make it work with -Wmissing-prototypes.Ozkan Sezer2
2021-02-08stddef: Fix test-stddef compilation error on MidnightBSD/x86.Bruno Haible2
2021-02-08Document non-standard prototypes on MidnightBSD.Bruno Haible5
2021-02-08posixtm tests: Fix warnings seen on MidnightBSD/x86.Bruno Haible2
2021-02-07Add cross-compilation guesses for MidnightBSD.Bruno Haible9
2021-02-07threadlib: Add support for MidnightBSD.Bruno Haible2
2021-02-07host-os: Add support for MidnightBSD.Bruno Haible2

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