AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
35 hoursasyncsafe-spin: Fix compilation error with GCC on 32-bit SPARC.HEADmasterBruno Haible4
35 hoursasyncsafe-spin: Fix build error with GCC on 32-bit SPARC.Bruno Haible2
37 hourswindows-spawn: New module.Bruno Haible8
2 daysssfmalloc tests: Port to macOS 11.Bruno Haible2
3 daysFix dependencies of modules that use '_exit' on native Windows.Bruno Haible8
3 daysraise-tests: Fix compilation error on MSVC (regression 2020-11-25).Bruno Haible3
4 dayssetlocale-tests: do not trigger gcc's -Wanalyzer-possible-null-argumentJim Meyering2
4 daysraise-tests: avoid GCC 11's new exit-from-signal-handler warningJim Meyering2
4 daysautoupdateKarl Berry1
6 daysUse the correct printf format attribute for mingw.Bruno Haible31
6 daysselinux-at, selinux-h: use const correct declarationsPádraig Brady4
7 dayscanonicalize-lgpl: fix memory leakPaul Eggert2
7 daysFix missing module dependencies to 'xalloc' (regression 2020-10-19).Bruno Haible5
7 daysbootstrap: add option hooksJose E. Marchesi2
7 daysargp: Don't break getprogname on non-glibc systems.Bruno Haible2
7 daysdoc: Document <link.h>.Bruno Haible3
7 daysdoc: Add references to the LSB.Bruno Haible2
7 daysdoc: Add references to the LSB.Bruno Haible240
7 daysdoc: Fix a makeinfo warning (regression 2020-11-03).Bruno Haible2
8 daysparse-datetime: fix printf format typoPaul Eggert2
8 dayssetlocale-null-tests: work around GCC bug 44511Paul Eggert3
8 daysnl_langinfo-tests: work around GCC bug 44511Paul Eggert2
8 daysselinux-h: add stubs for selabel_open etc.Paul Eggert6
8 daysUpdate after 'test-driver' in Automake changed.Bruno Haible2
8 daysread-file: remove dead assignmentDaiki Ueno2
9 daysautoupdateKarl Berry2
11 daysbitset: tests: exercise the stats tooAkim Demaille3
11 daysbitset: tests: try harder to break itAkim Demaille2
11 daysbitset: use ffs where possible in the vector implementationAkim Demaille2
11 daysbitset: use ffs where possible in the table implementationAkim Demaille2
11 daysbitset: check empty and full bitsetsAkim Demaille2
11 daysbitset: be sure to always return a valueAkim Demaille2
11 daysvcs-to-changelog: Expect spaces in file namesSiddhesh Poyarekar2
12 daysbitset: strengthen testsAkim Demaille2
12 daysbitset: fix iteration over table bitsetsAkim Demaille2
12 daysbitset: rename internal details for consistencyAkim Demaille2
12 daysbitset: test: run deterministic tests on several bitset sizesAkim Demaille2
12 daysbitset: use ffs where possible in the list implementationAkim Demaille2
12 daysbitset: use ffs where possible in array implementationAkim Demaille2
12 daysposixcheck: Don't enable GNULIB_POSIXCHECK in C++ mode.Bruno Haible2
12 daysFix error when GNULIB_POSIXCHECK is enabled (regression 2019-06-04).Bruno Haible3
12 daysFix link errors on AIX.Bruno Haible24
13 daysFix link errors on platforms with libunistring.Bruno Haible27
13 daysFix link errors on platforms with libintl (e.g. Solaris and AIX).Bruno Haible5
13 daysgetumask: Document link dependencies.Bruno Haible2
13 daysUpdate link dependencies in modules after 2020-09-09 change.Bruno Haible10
14 daysgetumask-tests: port to Solaris 10 etc.Paul Eggert2
2020-11-15bitset: use ffsl to accelerate iterations over set bitsAkim Demaille4
2020-11-15bitset: more testsAkim Demaille2
2020-11-15bitset: fix the copy from lbitset to other typesAkim Demaille2

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