AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
13 hoursautoupdateHEADmasterKarl Berry1
4 daysautoupdateKarl Berry1
7 daysfindprog-in: Set errno when the search fails.Paul Smith3
7 daysfindprog, findprog-lgpl, findprog-in: Fix crash on MSVC.Bruno Haible4
7 daysaccess: Add tests.Bruno Haible3
7 daysaccess: New module.Bruno Haible9
8 daysfcntl-h: Fix compilation error of creat.c on MSVC.Bruno Haible2
8 dayscreat: Add tests.Bruno Haible3
8 dayscreat: New module.Bruno Haible12
8 daysopen tests: Enhance test.Bruno Haible2
8 daysintprops tests: Avoid build failure with HP-UX cc.Bruno Haible2
8 daysautoupdateKarl Berry1
8 daysMake autoconf tests work with -Werror=implicit-function-declaration.Bruno Haible3
9 daysfindprog-in: Better mimic the system on native Windows.Bruno Haible2
11 daysautoupdateKarl Berry1
13 dayswctob: Fix autoconf test.Bruno Haible2
13 daysxhash: provide hash_xinitializeAkim Demaille4
13 daysfindprog-in: Make exec optimization optional.Bruno Haible3
2019-09-09Add option to assume the best, not the worst, when cross-compiling.Bruno Haible108
2019-09-08Clarify that cross-compilation guesses are guesses.Bruno Haible2
2019-09-08chown: Fix configure output (regression from 2019-03-23).Bruno Haible2
2019-09-08findprog-in: New module.Bruno Haible5
2019-09-08findprog: Remove unused dependency.Bruno Haible2
2019-09-08findprog: Remove test that is obsolete since 2006-04-24.Bruno Haible2
2019-09-08bitset: style changesAkim Demaille5
2019-09-08bitset: check memory allocationAkim Demaille3
2019-09-08scratch_buffer: sync from glibcPaul Eggert5
2019-09-07doc: Update for glibc 2.30.Bruno Haible13
2019-09-06symlink tests: Avoid test failure on Linux with Lustre file system.Bruno Haible2 Add support for shallow-cloning of subdirectories.Bruno Haible2
2019-08-29lock: Fix cross-compilation guesses.Bruno Haible2
2019-08-28isfinite, isinf, isnan, signbit: Fix error in C++ mode on mingw.Bruno Haible2
2019-08-28isfinite, isinf, isnan, signbit: Fix error in C++ mode on mingw.Bruno Haible2
2019-08-28Revert macOS INT_MULTIPLY_WRAPV patchPaul Eggert2
2019-08-27libtool-next-version: Fix error output.Bruno Haible2
2019-08-27autoupdateKarl Berry1
2019-08-27Speed up INT_MULTIPLY_WRAPV on macOSPaul Eggert2
2019-08-26intprops.h, verify.h: port better to clangPaul Eggert3
2019-08-25intprops: say why not Clang __builtin_add_overflowPaul Eggert2
2019-08-24doc: Document most of the files outside of modules.Bruno Haible2
2019-08-24bootstrap: Keep in sync with the 'gettext' module.Bruno Haible3
2019-08-24crypto/gc-sha512: Add tests.Bruno Haible3
2019-08-24crypto/gc-sha256: Add tests.Bruno Haible3
2019-08-24crypto/gc-sha256, crypto/gc-sha512: New modules.Bruno Haible6
2019-08-24crypto/gc-sha1 tests: Improve output when the test fails.Bruno Haible2
2019-08-24crypto/gc-sm3: Fix compilation error with --with-libgcrypt.Bruno Haible3
2019-08-24crypto/gc-md2: Optimize and clarify code.Bruno Haible3
2019-08-24crypto/gc-md2: Add comment.Bruno Haible2
2019-08-24crypto/gc-{md[24],rijndael} tests: Fix link error with --with-libgcrypt.Bruno Haible4
2019-08-24crypto/gc: Fix link error with --with-libgcrypt.Bruno Haible2

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