BranchCommit messageAuthorAge fix strict vs. lazy variable issues with RELEASEAkim Demaille8 years
akim/relpathrelpath: do not depend on xalloc.h.Akim Demaille8 years
coreutils-8.9git-version-gen: avoid a sub-shellBruce Korb10 years
diff-mergeActually use the EQUAL macro.Bruno Haible14 years
masterasyncsafe-spin: Fix compilation error with GCC on 32-bit SPARC.Bruno Haible36 hours
originNew module 'areadlink'.Bruno Haible13 years
pygnulibMerge branch 'master' of ssh:// into pygn...Dmitry Selyutin3 years
pythonpygnulib: fix "mention" section pathsDmitry Selyutin2 years
topic/libposixmanual mergeBruce Korb10 years
ueno/unicode-9.0.0libunistring: update to Unicode 9.0.0Daiki Ueno3 years
v0.1gnulib-0.1.tar.gz  gnulib-0.1.tar.bz2  Jim Meyering7 years
v0.0gnulib-0.0.tar.gz  gnulib-0.0.tar.bz2  Jim Meyering13 years
cvs-readonlycvs-readonly.tar.gz  cvs-readonly.tar.bz2  Eric Blake13 years
kfs_20030524_prekfs_20030524_pre.tar.gz  kfs_20030524_pre.tar.bz2  Richard Stallman18 years
RMAIL-MBOX-BASERMAIL-MBOX-BASE.tar.gz  RMAIL-MBOX-BASE.tar.bz2  Juanma Barranquero18 years
EMACS_21_3EMACS_21_3.tar.gz  EMACS_21_3.tar.bz2  Kenichi Handa18 years
EMACS_PRETEST_21_2_93EMACS_PRETEST_21_2_93.tar.gz  EMACS_PRETEST_21_2_93.tar.bz2  Francesco Potortl18 years
FILEUTILS-4_1_9FILEUTILS-4_1_9.tar.gz  FILEUTILS-4_1_9.tar.bz2  Jim Meyering18 years
SH-UTILS-2_0_12SH-UTILS-2_0_12.tar.gz  SH-UTILS-2_0_12.tar.bz2  Jim Meyering19 years
FILEUTILS-4_1_8FILEUTILS-4_1_8.tar.gz  FILEUTILS-4_1_8.tar.bz2  Jim Meyering19 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
36 hoursasyncsafe-spin: Fix compilation error with GCC on 32-bit SPARC.HEADmasterBruno Haible4
36 hoursasyncsafe-spin: Fix build error with GCC on 32-bit SPARC.Bruno Haible2
37 hourswindows-spawn: New module.Bruno Haible8
2 daysssfmalloc tests: Port to macOS 11.Bruno Haible2
3 daysFix dependencies of modules that use '_exit' on native Windows.Bruno Haible8
3 daysraise-tests: Fix compilation error on MSVC (regression 2020-11-25).Bruno Haible3
4 dayssetlocale-tests: do not trigger gcc's -Wanalyzer-possible-null-argumentJim Meyering2
4 daysraise-tests: avoid GCC 11's new exit-from-signal-handler warningJim Meyering2
4 daysautoupdateKarl Berry1
6 daysUse the correct printf format attribute for mingw.Bruno Haible31

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