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@@ -187,6 +187,11 @@ Removes the vault. It must be empty for the command to succeed.
Synchronizes the local vault directory with its latest inventory.
+=head2 glacier periodic
+Periodic task for glacier job maintenance. It is recommended to run it
+each 4 hours as a cronjob.
=head1 OPTIONS
=over 4
@@ -230,10 +235,17 @@ Displays a succint command line usage summary,
-Default configuration file is F</etc/glacier.conf>. Its location is
-overridden by the value of the command line option B<--config-file> (B<-c>)
-and the environment variable B<GLACIER_CONF>. The option takes precedence
-over the variable.
+Default configuration file is F</etc/glacier.conf>. This file is optional.
+If it does not exist, B<glacier> will attempt to start up with default
+values (optionally modified by the command line options). If you run
+glacier on a EC2 instance with an associated IAM profile, you can omit
+the configuration file, provided that the profile gives the necessary
+permissions on the Glacier storage. Please see
+L<> for details on identity-based policies.
+Th configuration file can also be specified using the environment variable
+B<GLACIER_CONF>, or from the command line, using the B<--config-file> (B<-c>)
+option. If both are used, the option takes precedence over the variable.
Configuration file consists of statements in the form
I<variable> B<=> I<value>), grouped into sections. Whitespace is ignored,
@@ -265,24 +277,28 @@ security reason.
=item B<region => I<NAME>
-Sets the Amazon region.
+Sets the Amazon region. If this setting is absent, B<glacier> will attempt
+to retrieve the region from the instance store (assuming it is run on an EC2
+AWS instance).
-The preferred way for storing credentials is in the I<credentials file>. This
-file allows you to store all security sensitive data in a single place and to
-tighten permissions accordingly. In the simplest case, this file contains a
-single line with your access and secret keys separated by a semicolon, e.g.:
+If either of B<access> or B<secret> is not supplied, B<glacier> attemtps to
+obtain access and secret keys from the file named in the B<credentials>
+setting (if it is defined). If unable to find credentials, B<glacier> attempts
+to get credentials from the instance store, assuming it is run on an EC2
+instance. It will exit if this attempt fails.
+The credentials file allows you to store all security sensitive data in a
+single place and to tighten permissions accordingly. In the simplest case,
+this file contains a single line with your access and secret keys separated
+by a semicolon, e.g.:
Additionally, the default region can be specified after a second semicolon:
-The default region is B<eu-west-1>.
-=item Multiple accounts
If you have several accounts, you can list their credentials on separate lines.
In that case, B<glacier> will select the account with the access key supplied
@@ -325,6 +341,21 @@ Sets the number of retries for failed transfers. Defaults to 10.
+=item B<[transfer download]>
+In addition to settings discussed above, the C<transfer download> section
+can contain the following:
+=over 8
+=item B<cachedir => I<DIR>
+Names the directory used to keep files downloaded after successful
+completion of archive retrieval jobs. This directory is managed by
+B<glacier periodic> subcommand. The default value is F</var/lib/glacier/cache>.
=item B<[database job]>
Configures the I<job database>. Job database is a local GDBM file, which

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