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diff --git a/doc/gdbm.3 b/doc/gdbm.3
index d803748..d36a852 100644
--- a/doc/gdbm.3
+++ b/doc/gdbm.3
@@ -307,13 +307,13 @@ Unless your database was opened with the \fBGDBM_SYNC\fR flag, \fBgdbm\fR does n
wait for writes to be flushed to the disk before continuing.
The following routine can be used to guarantee that the database is
physically written to the disk file.
.BI "int gdbm_sync (GDBM_FILE " dbf ");"
-It will not return until the disk file state is syncronized with the
+It will not return until the disk file state is synchronized with the
in-memory state of the database.
To convert a \fBgdbm\fR error code into English text, use this routine:
.BI "const char *gdbm_strerror (gdbm_error " errno );

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