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diff --git a/src/bucket.c b/src/bucket.c
index 0597965..3d267e2 100644
--- a/src/bucket.c
+++ b/src/bucket.c
@@ -45,25 +45,25 @@ _gdbm_new_bucket (GDBM_FILE dbf, hash_bucket *bucket, int bits)
/* Return true if the directory entry at DIR_INDEX can be considered
valid. This means that DIR_INDEX is in the valid range for addressing
the dir array, and the offset stored in dir[DIR_INDEX] points past
first two blocks in file. This does not necessarily mean that there's
a valid bucket or data block at that offset. All this implies is that
it is safe to use the offset for look up in the bucket cache and to
attempt to read a block at that offset. */
gdbm_dir_entry_valid_p (GDBM_FILE dbf, int dir_index)
return dir_index >= 0
&& dir_index < GDBM_DIR_COUNT (dbf)
- && dbf->dir[dir_index] >= 2*dbf->header->block_size;
+ && dbf->dir[dir_index] >= dbf->header->block_size;
/* Find a bucket for DBF that is pointed to by the bucket directory from
location DIR_INDEX. The bucket cache is first checked to see if it
is already in memory. If not, a bucket may be tossed to read the new
bucket. On success, the requested bucket becomes the "current" bucket
and dbf->bucket points to the correct bucket. On error, the current
bucket remains unchanged. */
_gdbm_get_bucket (GDBM_FILE dbf, int dir_index)

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