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@@ -695,7 +695,7 @@ See also @ref{gdbmexport}, @ref{testgdbm export}, and
To convert a @code{gdbm} error code into English text, use this
-@deftypefn {gdbm interface} const char *gdbm_strerror (gdbm_error @var{errno})
+@deftypefn {gdbm interface} {const char *} gdbm_strerror (gdbm_error @var{errno})
Converts @var{errno} (which is an integer value) into a human-readable
descriptive text. Returns a pointer to a static string. The caller
must not alter or free the returned pointer.
@@ -998,7 +998,7 @@ state. @xref{nul-termination}.
Print the @dfn{avail list}.
@item B @var{num}
-Print a bucket number @var{num}. This command uses pager
+Print the bucket number @var{num}. This command uses pager
@item C
@@ -1094,7 +1094,7 @@ Use @code{gdbm_strerror} (@pxref{Errors}) to convert it to a
descriptive text.
@end deftypevar
-@deftypevar const char * const gdbm_errlist[]
+@deftypevar {const char *} gdbm_errlist[]
This variable is an array of error descriptions, which is used by
@code{gdbm_strerror} to convert error codes to human-readable text
(@pxref{Errors}). You can access it directly, if you wish so. It
@@ -1111,11 +1111,11 @@ The minimum error code used by @code{gdbm}.
The maximum error code used by @code{gdbm}.
@end defvr
-@deftypevar const char *gdbm_version
+@deftypevar {const char *} gdbm_version
A string containing the version information.
@end deftypevar
-@deftypevar int const gdbm_version_number[3]
+@deftypevar {int const} gdbm_version_number[3]
This variable contains the @code{gdbm} version numbers:
@multitable @columnfractions 0.4 0.5

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