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New function gdbm_count.
* Check for unsigned long long, define substitution variable GDBM_COUNT_T. * src/gdbmcount.c: New file. * src/ (libgdbm_la_SOURCES): Add gdbmcount.c. * src/bucket.c (_gdbm_read_bucket_at): New function. * src/ (gdbm_count_t): New typedef. (gdbm_count): New proto. * src/gdbmdefs.h (GDBM_DIR_COUNT): New define. * src/proto.h (_gdbm_read_bucket_at): New proto. * src/var.c: New variable "filemode". * src/gdbmtool.c: Use gdbm_count. Various bugfixes. * NEWS: Update. * doc/gdbm.texinfo: Update.
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@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@ Functions:
* Open:: Opening the database.
* Close:: Closing the database.
+* Count:: Counting records in the database.
* Store:: Inserting and replacing records in the database.
* Fetch:: Searching records in the database.
* Delete:: Removing records from the database.
@@ -224,6 +225,12 @@ int gdbm_exists(dbf, key);
char *gdbm_strerror(errno);
int gdbm_setopt(dbf, option, value, size);
int gdbm_fdesc(dbf);
+int gdbm_export (GDBM_FILE, const char *, int, int);
+int gdbm_export_to_file (GDBM_FILE dbf, FILE *fp);
+int gdbm_import (GDBM_FILE, const char *, int);
+int gdbm_import_from_file (GDBM_FILE dbf, FILE *fp, int flag);
+int gdbm_count (GDBM_FILE dbf, gdbm_count_t *pcount);
+int gdbm_version_cmp (int const a[], int const b[]);
@end example
The @code{gdbm.h} include file is often in the @file{/usr/local/include}
@@ -343,6 +350,17 @@ The pointer returned by @code{gdbm_open}.
@end table
@end deftypefn
+@node Count
+@chapter Number of Records
+@cindex number of records
+@deftypefn {gdbm interface} int gdbm_count (GDBM_FILE @var{dbf}, @
+ gdbm_count_t *@var{pcount})
+Counts number of records in the database @var{dbf}. On success,
+stores it in the memory location pointed to by @var{pcount} and return
+0. On error, sets @code{gdbm_errno} (if relevant, also @code{errno})
+and returns -1.
+@end deftypefn
@node Store
@chapter Inserting and replacing records in the database.
@cindex storing records
@@ -833,6 +851,12 @@ is entirely equivalent to
gdbm_dump(@var{dbf}, @var{exportfile}, GDBM_DUMP_FMT_BINARY,
@var{flag}, @var{mode})
@end example
+@end deftypefn
+@deftypefn {gdbm interface} int gdbm_export_to_file (GDBM_FILE @var{dbf}, FILE *@var{fp})
+This is an alternative entry point to @code{gdbm_export}. This
+function writes to file @var{fp} a binary dump of the database @var{dbf}.
@end deftypefn
@deftypefn {gdbm interface} int gdbm_import (GDBM_FILE @var{dbf}, @
@@ -847,8 +871,24 @@ following construct:
@var{flag} == GDBM_REPLACE ?
0600, NULL);
-gdbm_load (&@var{dbf}, @var{exportfile}, GDBM_DUMP_FMT_BINARY,
- @var{flag}, NULL)
+gdbm_load (&@var{dbf}, @var{exportfile}, 0, @var{flag}, NULL)
+@end example
+@end deftypefn
+@deftypefn {gdbm interface} int gdbm_import_from_file (GDBM_FILE @var{dbf}, @
+ FILE *@var{fp}, int @var{flag})
+An alternative entry point to @code{gdbm_import}. Reads the binary
+dump from the file @var{fp} and stores the key/value pairs to
+@var{dbf}. @xref{Store}, for a description of @var{flag}.
+This function is equivalent to:
+@var{dbf} = gdbm_open (@var{importfile}, 0,
+ @var{flag} == GDBM_REPLACE ?
+ 0600, NULL);
+gdbm_load_from_file (@var{dbf}, @var{fp}, @var{flag}, 0, NULL);
@end example
@end deftypefn
@@ -1894,6 +1934,12 @@ Attempting to set any other value or to unset this variable produces
an error.
@end deftypevr
+@deftypevr {gdbmtool variable} number filemode
+File mode (in octal) for creating new database files and database
+@end deftypevr
@deftypevr {gdbmtool variable} bool lock
Lock the database. This is the default.
@@ -2013,6 +2059,9 @@ command will not overwrite an existing file, unless the
determines the type of the dump (@pxref{Flat files}). By default, ASCII
dump is created.
+The global variable @code{filemode} specifies the permissions to use
+for the created output file.
See also @ref{gdbmexport}.
@end deffn
@@ -2081,6 +2130,8 @@ Whether or not to lock the database. Default is @samp{on}.
Use the memory mapping. Default is @samp{on}.
@item sync
Synchronize after each write. Default is @samp{off}.
+@item filemode
+Specifies the permissions to use in case a new file is created.
@end table
@xref{open parameters}, for a detailed description of these variables.

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