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Change old version numbers in tagset.txt
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@@ -578,7 +578,7 @@ Tag Font Meaning and Description
be found in the body of a definition or note, not
only in the etymology field. Very few of the
names that should be marked this way have
- actually been so marked, as of version 0.42. In
+ actually been so marked, as of version 0.51. In
cases where such eponymous names have not yet
been thus marked, they will usually be marked by
<xex>, the non-semantic italic-font marker, or,
@@ -879,8 +879,8 @@ Tag Font Meaning and Description
<fexp> * Functional expression (math). The function names
are in plain type, the variables are italic.
-<iref> italic Illustration reference. Used ony occasionally,
- not yet (v. 0.41) consistently.
+<iref> italic Illustration reference. Used only occasionally,
+ not yet (v. 0.51) consistently.
<figref> italic Figure reference.

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