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Fix illegible characters in <conjf>
* CIDE.D (Displant): Fix <?/ in conjugated form. (Disserve): Fix <?/ in conjugated form. * CIDE.P (Prepare): Likewise. * CIDE.R (Review): Likewise. * CIDE.S (Shorten): Likewise. (Signal, v.t.): Mark only a single form as <conjf>, use <or/ to separate two possible forms. * Makefile: Version 0.51-rc1 (release candidate). (DISTFILES): Change jpg to png.
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@@ -49918,7 +49918,7 @@ Till he was out nigh of his <qex>prenticehood</qex>.</q> <rj><qau>Chaucer.</qau>
[<source>1913 Webster</source>]</p>
-<hw>Pre*pare"</hw> <pr>(?)</pr>, <pos>v. t.</pos> <vmorph>[<pos>imp. & p. p.</pos> <conjf>Prepare<?/</conjf> <pr>(?)</pr>; <pos>p. pr. & vb. n.</pos> <conjf>Preparing</conjf>.]</vmorph> <ety>[F. <ets>pr<eacute/parer</ets>, L. <ets>praeparare</ets>; <ets>prae</ets> before + <ets>parare</ets> to make ready. See <er>Pare</er>.]</ety><br/
+<hw>Pre*pare"</hw> <pr>(?)</pr>, <pos>v. t.</pos> <vmorph>[<pos>imp. & p. p.</pos> <conjf>Prepared</conjf> <pr>(?)</pr>; <pos>p. pr. & vb. n.</pos> <conjf>Preparing</conjf>.]</vmorph> <ety>[F. <ets>pr<eacute/parer</ets>, L. <ets>praeparare</ets>; <ets>prae</ets> before + <ets>parare</ets> to make ready. See <er>Pare</er>.]</ety><br/
[<source>1913 Webster</source>]</p>
<p><sn>1.</sn> <def>To fit, adapt, or qualify for a particular purpose or condition; to make ready; to put into a state for use or application; <as>as, to <ex>prepare</ex> ground for seed; to <ex>prepare</ex> a lesson.</as></def><br/

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