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2020-01-27Various improvements; support for MSWin32HEADv1.01masterSergey Poznyakoff1
2020-01-22Don't create temporary file if falling back to simple backupSergey Poznyakoff1
2020-01-22Optimize file creation loopSergey Poznyakoff1
2020-01-22BugfixesSergey Poznyakoff1
2020-01-20Rename package to File::BackupCopySergey Poznyakoff1
2020-01-19Improve the APISergey Poznyakoff1
2020-01-19Don't export specific backup interfaces by default.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2020-01-19Add documentationSergey Poznyakoff1
2020-01-19Initial commitSergey Poznyakoff1

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