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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/src/cgi-bin/conj.scm4 b/src/cgi-bin/conj.scm4
index a8d84f1..83fb846 100644
--- a/src/cgi-bin/conj.scm4
+++ b/src/cgi-bin/conj.scm4
@@ -384,7 +384,7 @@ ifelse(IFACE,[CGI],(cgi:init))
(print-footnote "class-na" "*"
"Conjugation class of this verb is not attested"))
- ((root)
+ ((stem)
(print-footnote "stem-na" "?"
(_ "Το θέμα αυτού του χρόνου δεν επιβεβαιώνεται από τη βάση δεδοµένων")))))

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