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Switch to guile-www-2.38
* am/guile.m4: Remove. * (install-html): Fix generation of symlinks * Fall back to info prefix, if guile-config info bindir returns empty string. * data/db.struct: Minor change * data/pl/ Add missing silent rule markers * data/ru/ Likewise. * scm/dictrans.scm: Call setlocale. * scm/neatrans.scm: Likewise. * scm/verbop.scm: Likewise. * src/cgi-bin/conj.scm4: Call setlocale. Use cgi:value-u8 instead of cgi:value-u8. * src/cgi-bin/dict.scm4: Likewise. * src/cgi-bin/nea.scm4: Likewise. * src/ellinika/cgi.scm4 (cgi-script-name) (cgi-server-hostname,cgi-server-protocol-name) (cgi-server-protocol-version): Define in CGI mode. (cgi:value-u8): New public function. * src/ellinika/i18n.scm: Conditionally use syncase.
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