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committer Sergey Poznyakoff <>2009-07-31 14:45:38 (GMT)
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parent15d29bd0863a819ed950f65523b6000961d1213e (diff)
Delay setting directory attributes until end of run, if they do not permit writing. Fix debian bug #458079.
* src/copyin.c (copyin_mkdir): New function. (copyin_directory): Use copyin_mkdir to create directory. Call set_perms only when safe, otherwise use repair_delayed_set_stat. * src/extern.h (cpio_to_stat): New prototype. (repair_delayed_set_stat): Change prototype. * src/util.c (cpio_to_stat): New function. (repair_delayed_set_stat): New function. * tests/ New test case. * tests/ New test case. * tests/ (TESTSUITE_AT): Add and * tests/ Include and * NEWS: Update.
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