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Fix handling of device numbers (part 2)HEADmaster
Previously the members of cpio_file_stat that hold device major and minor numbers were signed (long). This caused issues when the device number was cast to unsigned value (uintmax_t) during a call to to_ascii or derived function. In particular, on *BSD systems minor numbers are negative ints. When such numbers are passed to to_ascii, the resulting unsigned representation does not fit into the target field width. For details, see To fix this, the return types are autodetected by configure. The types of the c_dev_maj, c_dev_min, c_rdev_maj, and c_rdev_min members of struct cpio_file_stat are changed to unsigned versions of the corresponding detected types. This ensures that the value returned from major (or minor) will not undergo sign extension during assignment to the struct member and can be correctly promoted to a wider unsigned data type. * am/ax_compile_check_rettype.m4: New macro AC_COMPILE_CHECK_RETTYPE * Detect return types of major(3) and minor(3). * src/cpiohdr.h (cpio_file_stat): Change types of c_dev_maj, c_dev_min, c_rdev_maj, c_rdev_min.
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