authorSergey Poznyakoff <>2019-08-22 09:42:40 (GMT)
committer Sergey Poznyakoff <>2019-08-22 09:42:40 (GMT)
commit21cbaaf979d12447c56382d353d7f03853f49907 (patch) (side-by-side diff)
parentbc23772d39d36c6db358db3fa29703843cab1500 (diff)
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diff --git a/lib/Config/ b/lib/Config/
index 48c11fd..0c771ed 100644
--- a/lib/Config/
+++ b/lib/Config/
@@ -380,7 +380,7 @@ whether to apply this definition. The method will be called as
$cfg->{ \$method }($node, @path)
where $node is the B<Config::AST::Node::Value> object (use
-B<$vref-E<gt>value>, to obtain the actual value), and B<@path> is its patname.
+B<$vref-E<gt>value>, to obtain the actual value), and B<@path> is its pathname.
=item B<:check = >I<method>
diff --git a/lib/Config/Parser/ b/lib/Config/Parser/
index f8db50a..67eaf1f 100644
--- a/lib/Config/Parser/
+++ b/lib/Config/Parser/
@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ the B<Config::AST> constructor for details.
=head1 METHODS
-All methods are inferited from B<Config::Parser>. Please see its
+All methods are inherited from B<Config::Parser>. Please see its
documentation for details.
=head1 SEE ALSO

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