AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2 daysVersion 1.02HEADv1.02masterSergey Poznyakoff7
2 daysRewrite direct access engineSergey Poznyakoff6
4 daysOverload operators for Value and Null classesSergey Poznyakoff9
5 daysFix repository URLv1.01Sergey Poznyakoff3
5 daysVersion 1.0v1.00Sergey Poznyakoff5
6 daysMinor fixSergey Poznyakoff1
6 daysNew method: lexicon.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2018-07-10Write PODSergey Poznyakoff7
2018-07-10Rename to Config::ASTSergey Poznyakoff19
2018-07-09Switch to Text::Locus instead of the local versionSergey Poznyakoff10
2018-05-05Rewrite the value method of Node::Value.Sergey Poznyakoff6
2018-05-04BugfixSergey Poznyakoff1
2018-05-04Implement as_hash in Config::Tree::Node::SectionSergey Poznyakoff3
2018-05-04Implement "direct addressing"Sergey Poznyakoff6
2018-01-22Improve error checkingSergey Poznyakoff20
2018-01-20Add more filesSergey Poznyakoff3
2018-01-20Catch more errors.Sergey Poznyakoff5
2018-01-17Implement as_hash method. Assorted fixes.Sergey Poznyakoff5
2017-12-03Implement add_node and add_value methodsSergey Poznyakoff3
2017-12-03Initial commitSergey Poznyakoff19

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